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Men's line

Men’s skin is thicker and more elastic, but greasier, than women’s skin. Its collagen rich dermis will age later but more noticeably and suddenly than feminine skin. It is protected by a thicker fat layer (as it contains a higher density of sebaceous glands and hair follicles) which provides softness and elasticity but it renders the tissue more subject to skin imperfections. It perspires more which speeds up skin dehydration. Men’s skin may appear more resistant but in fact, the excess sebum production which impairs its pH and shaving which affects the skin hydrolipidic film renders their skin more sensitive. LUI, simple but complete program for men that starts with a proper skin cleansing, followed by an effective protection from daily shaving aggressions and external factors and ends with a targeted high technology anti-ageing action. The active ingredients of this line are specifically adapted to the needs of men’s skin. The Tetrapeptide-9 stimulates the proteoglycan (Lumican) synthesis which is the molecule responsible for the cohesion between various collagen fibers formation. It stimulates the collagen type 1 synthesis, which represents about 90% of the collagen present in the tissues, to bring back or preserve skin firmness and density.