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Terra Line

The most effective cellulite treatment on the market! The main causes of cellulite are genetic or hereditary. It can also be hormonal - oestrogen or thyroid gland disorders - or come from a deficient hygienic, unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, improper consumption of food, inadequate diets, intestinal problems, smoking and alcohol are all factors that can cause cellulite problems. There are approximately 4 different recognized stages of cellulite: Stage 1 – Spongy. Stage 2 – Oedematous. Stage 3 – Fibrous. Stage 4 – Compact with macronodules of various sizes. A line characterized by innovative cosmetology solutions that delivers its active plant ingredients, extracted using techniques to guarantee the highest level of purity, stability and effectiveness. It normalizes water retention and reduce fibrous tissue conditions linked to the unsightly problems of the cellulite. It prevents the penetration of fat into the adipose cells, the formation of new adipocytes and the extra cellular degradation of fibrous tissues. It also has a draining action. The Terra line can be used with specialized apparels for cellulite.